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April 2016.

No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.

Fine gizzards salad with lambs lettuce and fresh avocados, chunks of old dutch cheese.

Light three-chocolates cake -  A new and original receipe from our Chef.

July 2015







Summer Freshness.

Avocado Tartare, Season's fruits and sea food.

April 2015

Spring Menu


A € 25,00 Menu (3 courses) , come and enjoy Saint-Jacques while it's still on the season!


For lunch we offer a € 14,00 Menu, with main course and dessert.

Vegetable stuffed courgette

Will you recognize the flavour hidden in these pretty flowers?

Saint Jacques Scallops

Seasonal sea food, when sourced in Normandy....

January 2015

Velouté de champignon
Velouté de champignon

Mushroom soft soup


Let tou warm yourself by this tasty soup with automnal flavour of delicate truffle mushroom.

Tarte tatin
Tarte tatin

Tarte Tatin - Tatin pie

A classical French bakery

Delicious upside-down pastry,  casually discovered by the Tatin's Sisters in Century XIX, in which the apples are caramelized  in butter & sugar, before the tart is baked. 

Crème de Panais et Oeuf mollet
Crème de Panais et Oeuf mollet

Parsnip sweet soup,

Boiled egg and crispy carrot

La douceur du panais, associée au caractère d'un œuf fermier, et que viennent dynamiser ici et là, quelques éclats de carotte.

Winter's menus



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