Welcome to La Pomme d'Ouilly

Restaurant in Pont d'Ouilly, Normandy.

Dear friends,

Our family is about to get bigger. Please note that we may close the restaurant at any moment for about 10 days... Please stay aware about schedule, following our Facebook Page "Pomme d'Ouilly" - you need to add us a "friend" - or visiting this page.  Thank you for understanding and see you soon.  June 3rd 2016

Home made cooking, with seasonal food.

Welcome to our cosy place. Come in and have a rest, we want you to feel comfortable and make you happy with our food.

Season by season, the Chef will try to source the best products, mostly  from local producers. Our philosophy is the make the most out of common but high quality ingredients, combinating elements in a way you don't usually expect.

Menus will change quite often, following what Nature gives us at each moment of the year.

Please come in and let us surprise you.

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